Review: Paranormal Activity II

The second in its series, Paranormal Activity II is much like the first. It is devoid of mood-guiding music, and tends to run low on dialog, as the intent is to create the illusion of the incidents being realistic.
Aside from that, the actual paranormal activity—objects being broken or moved, nanny Martine’s attempts to rid the home of evil, and the discussion of demon possession—give the movie a taste of realism.
The movie revolves around a fairly large family, at the center of which is baby Hunter, the target of the demon. With the movie being rather hard to follow, character identity is difficult to keep track of. Sisters Christy and Katie, Christy’s husband, and their daughter Allie, are the main focus. The destructive behavior of the demon is realisticly not foretold, but at the same time it is difficult to keep up. All in all, it is a good spook, but not the best.
But I encourage you to see it for yourself and make your own decision.


Watch the trailer and rent the movie.

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