From the Candy Drawer: Classic Chillers

How about a late night snack from the candy drawer!
I’m thinking of a couple of neat little movies from the nineties—classic chillers.

The Craft

There isn’t much blood and gore in this, but it’s a great little flick aimed at the paranormal and teenage drama.
One thing I have to say is: though some Wiccan and Pagan practices are shown, this doesn’t accurately represent Wicca or other traditions of Neo-Paganism exactly. It’s just good entertainment.

The Ring

This is actually a reproduction of the original Japanese horror movie. Teens watch a video, then get a call saying they’ll die.
It’s a nice chill down the spine.
And I wish I had Amara’s hair!

Sleepy Hollow

Johny Deppe is just awesome, isn’t he? The headless horseman is an old myth. This is pretty good.
And it had an old-fashioned feel.

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