review: the Roommate

This is chick flick blended with psychological thriller. I love it.
If you can get over the outrageous dorm rooms (trust me, they’re not nearly so cozy), the plot line is well-done, seductive bad girls at war with seductive good girls over sweet guys and over friendship in general. When I say seductive, I’m referring to Rebecca’s seduction of an inappropriate professor, Sarah’s playful flirtation with Stephen.
The scenes of college life in lecture halls and coffee shops, the dorm rooms, the frat parties, lend the whole plot a hand, without which Rebecca would be another typical slasher film bad guy.
There were moments when, with lack of dialog or cues, the plot was momentarily hard to follow. But they were few and far between.
The soundtrack was okay, though there was one overwhelming, syrupy-sweet track that seemed to override the sound of the movie, and the song dragged endlessly. That’s the most outstanding flaw.
Animal rights people be advised: the cat does not actually get hurt, its just a…suggestion of what Rebecca does. Trust me, I’m one of you on that subject. So all in all this is a sweet little spook movie but if you want your walls painted with gore than you might be happier going elsewhere.


Decide for yourself.

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