Review: The Fight of Our Lives

Combining the warmth of soulful, atmospheric rock with the brutality of metalcore, Straight Line Stitch has created a sound all their own. And the two flavors that make up their sound have combined on releases before this. But “The Fight of Our Lives” brings these two into a more seemless balance, where the two elements feed off each other.
The lyrics Alexis Brown has created are drawn from life experiences, and she combines her rich voice with the screams metalcore is known for. Tracks like “Never Surrender” and “Ashes in the Wind” bring feelings of strength, where sonts like “Bar Room Brawl” are just awesome for the mosh pit. Add in a few melancholy tracks, still heavy on guitar, and the album is well-balanced out.
The band’s growth, as well as the work behind their release, created between tours, earns “The Fight of Our Lives” its rating.

Check it out.

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