Rocko’s Beer Nuts: The Warped Tour Spectator

This segment is named after my black lab, Rocko, and after the fact that beer nuts are just plain wonderful. For the first installment, I interviewed a friend of mine, Olivia, about her experiences during Warped Tour’s stop in Tinley Park, Illinois, focusing on the metal acts she saw.

–So tell me about seeing A Day to Remember.

A Day to Remember was so awesome. They had inflatable speakers with hands on them and then on top of the stage, their heads were inflatable. Just their heads. It was awesome.

–Did they play any favorites of yours?

Yeah, they played “All I Want” it’s my favorite. Dan knew all the lyrics. He’s standing there screaming all the lyrics to every song, and that’s the only song I knew the lyrics to.

–What does that song mean to you?

It’s just about finding a place that’s your home, being content with yourself, living your life for yourself.

–What was your favorite moment of the whole show?

My favorite moment was when people were crowd surfing.

–And what about the Devil Wears Prada performance?

They were badass. Their show was cool. They gave the crowd a lot of energy.

–Was there a song you really liked?

I don’t know them that well, I thought all their songs were good though.

–Favorite moment?

I liked it when people threw their shoes up in the air.

–Were these your first metal concerts?


–The difference between these shows and other shows you’ve been to?

Mosh pits, crowd surfing, and stampedes.

–What else would you like to say about the Warped Tour’s metal acts?

I’d like to say that Warped Tour was epic.

–Would you do this again, as someone who does not always listen to metal?

Yes I would.

–Thanks a lot.

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