Hot and Fresh, The Pantry News

News concerning metal, thrills, and chills. It’s hot and fresh.

Godsmack Visiting Normal, Il

Godsmack will be making a stop at the U.S. Cellular Coliceum on August 24. Tickets are $35 for seats or $39 for the floor.

Straight Line Stitch in Tinley Park, Il

Straight Line Stitch will play a show, August 5, in Tinley Park. I’m not sure of the cost.
Check them out on Facebook.

Evanescence Self-Titled Album Due

Evanescence will release their next album, which is self-titled, October 11. Snippets of the new single “What You Want” are up on MTV, or you can check it out as part of an interview clip on Youtube. Look for the review here.
In Chicago, on July 29, the third DameNation concert will take place at a local rock club. Artists include A Sound of Thunder, Shield of Wings, the Unvoiced, among many others.

Femme Metal Webzine’s “Melody and Mallice” Compilation

This will be out at the end of September. Bands like In This Moment and Arch Enemy will appear.
Please check out their podcasts.

Incidious on DVD and BlueRay

Get the biggest horror film released in the last six month, at the end of July on DVD.

Charetta’s EP due out

July 21, A Nation Distracted will be available.

Noctura’s Album Available

Noctura’s album, “Surrender the Sun” is available at their site and on BandCamp. Hopefully it will reach Amazon soon.

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