Review: Surrender the Sun

It is not hard to see why Noctura’s first concert sold out in three days. America loves bands like this new group from Indiana—with its melodic tracks. There are comparisons to Evanescence that could be made, in particular to the sounds of “Fallen”. Not to mention the connections to Ben Moody, Evanescence, and We Are the Fallen. Nocura runs in a similar vane as Evanescence or WATF, but certainly is no clogne of either, with their own sound. “Surrender the Sun” is set in a background of violins and pianos, and Mandy’s voice is the same pitch and tambre as Amy Lee’s overall, though there are differences. Her style is high-alto and classic but more unassuming emotional.
“Surrender the sun” is well-written, and thoughtful. I especially liked the Offspring cover of “Gone Away”.
Songs like “Venom”, “Bleeding for Truth”, and “Fade” have more of a metal feel, whereas songs like “Gone Away” are solely based on piano and cello. The album has an alternatively easy or energetic pace, with heavy tracks blended with melancholy, slower ballads.
Listening to the lyrics, you get a sense of real emotion behind them, and that definitely draws you in.
Overall, this is a great first release, and it will be interesting to see the band evolve into its own niche. And as the band members say, they aren’t trying to be the next Evanescence.

Check it out.

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