Review: The Mothman Prophecies

From Venezuela, Intemperia has created a really unique album. I have to say, so many South American metal acts are wonderful, combining their own background with the sounds of Europe and American styles.
“The Mothman Prophecies” is a powerhouse of heavy bass, fast beats, and intense, melodic guitarwork. Throughout, there are both electronic elements, and symphonic ones, well-used and not overdone or too sparse. Everything lends to the album, including the vocalist’s skills. Juls’s rich alto offers faint resemblance to Christina Scabia or Grog Roxx, both well-known vocalists in the metal world. Aside from one moment, the first time I heard the first track, when the electronic opening caught me off guard, the entire album is well-presented. For example, “Golden Chains” has the explosive pacing to match the upbeat message behind the song, but there are also tracks where the tone is more melancholy.
This is a concept album, meaning that the lyrics tell a story. In this case, it is the story of a soul caught between light and dark. One thing that I’ve mentioned, but I need to bring up again on the topic of lyrics, is how the track matches the lyrics in mood. Sometimes with other albums I’ve heard, the energy makes a song enjoyable, but it takes away from the punch thrown by the lyrics. However this doesn’t happen here.
All of the tracks are available on Reverb Nation, which is how I was able to review it. But I definitely want the physical CD sooner rather than later. Intemperia has the sound and style to carve out a very large niche for themselves in the Venezuelan metal scene, and beyond.


Check it out.

Learn more about the band.

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