Review: Case 39

It’s nice to finally find a well-done thriller that isn’t lacking in any elements: clear plot, well-developed characters, and a newer supernatural theme. Though there have been many movies about ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and exercisms, this is the first time I’ve run across anything like this.
Emily, a social worker, finds herself taking care of a girl who’s parents try to kill her. She believes the parents are crazy, until the strange deaths that plagued their family begin to frequent her own life. A strange call preceeds each gruesome death, whether it’s a murder, a hornetts’ nest, or suicide. Before the demon destroys Emily, she must destroy it.
What I liked was there was very little in the way of special effects, like a few moments of vocal distortion, one or two other moments. When people die, the ccircumstances are plausible, with no smoke and mirrors for the most part.
Though I feel the entire story would have been best served with a forty-inch plasma and a sound system, it was well thought out,. Another thing I like, are the dark dresses, creepy homes contrasted with the sultry bar atmosphere, the coziness of Emily’s home, the brightness of office and school.
This also had a fantastic soundtrack which guides the mood from eerie too sullen, violent to relieved.
Overall, definitely a movie I want to see again.


Check it out.

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