From the Candy Drawer: My Top Eight Metal Bands

There are thousands of bands, with millions of releases. There are, among them, countless acts who create mind-blowing music. But these are time-tested favorites. Almost all of these artists are time-tested. Slipknot is carrying on after the death of Paul Gray, Evanescence is almost completely re-made with new members. Almost all of them have at least two excellent releases, if not more. It’s hard to pick a top three, or five. No one ever does a top eight, so here it goes.

–Breaking Benjamin

From Pensylvania, these guys have been around for about a decade, with a really large catalog. There have been many hits, but my personal hits aren’t strictly radio friendly, for any artist.


Amy Lee has moved to New York, but she’s working with her band on their fourth release (including the UK-only release “Origin”), meant to be self-titled.

–Five Finger Death Punch

From California, these guys are a little newer, but both releases are amazing. They are also working on a release.

–Straight Line Stitch

Tennessee is a place for rock and blues, and the metal scene is heating up. These guys are pulling their fair share. Obviously, I’ve done the review.


I can’t wait to see these guys in August. They’re from metropolitan Boston. Their catalog is even bigger than Breaking Benjamin’s.

–In This Moment

Another California act. I honestly have to say, certain states light up the metal board. These guys have also started writing again, aiming for next summer.


I don’t know when we’ll see another album from these old friends. But they’ll be at Sonosphere over in Europe. They’re from Iowa, and have several releases.

–Bullet for My Valentine

These guys rocketed up my list. I can’t remember where they’re from, and actually they just landed on my radar. But they are really good.


This is one of two bands I’m listing who only has one release. They’re from Canada, where many awesome acts come from.

I also want to mention Sylvya Nuvynska, former vocalist for Surface Underground (post-grunge 2003), and Scarlet Sins. She is possibly working on her solo project, called When Forever Dies. I like all of what I’ve heard of her, and really want to hear more.

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