Preview: Evanescence

After four years, Evanescence is coming back strong. I am way too excited to be writing an album review which I’m sure will be a ten on a ten scale, which is what I give their three previous releases, (The Open Door, Fallen, and Origin). So I’m writing a preview. On MTV, and on Youtube, Amy Lee has offered snippets of three tracks, “What You Want”, “The Other Side”, and “Lost in Paradise”.
This is based on what I could hear. “What you Want” is this big, epic song.
Another track that has a real beautiful, epic song to it is “The Other Side”. I have to paraphrase Amy Lee here, because in the interview she was trying to sing about death, but make it sort of “bitchy”. The publicly revived Evanescence is good at something I don’t see often these days—being very epic, and powerful, but still having a real bad attitude.
The final track given a preview on MTV is “Lost In Paradise”. True to Evanescence’s roots, a track with the piano and strings contrasted by the whole powerhouse of the band must be on it’s way. So while the band has brought new life to their sound, they still stay true to the things that make fans love them.
The self-titled album will be out October 11, and this is definitely one I will be ordering as a physical CD so I can enjoy the anticipation. I may even get mom and my sister copies, as they are also big fans.

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