Review: Shutter Island

The first comment I have to make about Shutter Island, is that I have seen Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond, Titanic, now here, and that guy can pull any accent. Pretty cool.
That said, his was a well-played role in a movie that strikes in a different way than most psychological thrillers or suspense movies. I feel like this is both of those things. This pair of U.S. marshals are investigating a prisoner’s disappearance when in fact it’s all a set-up by these doctors to get both of them to stop prying into the island’s business. You can learn a little about the psychiatric world in the fifties, about women’s roles, but the rest is purely entertainment. There are so many subtle twists to the plotline, with very little warning in terms of lighting, music, or behavior, and it took me a couple of times to grasp the whole storyline.
It’s a compelling story once you grasp it. All the roles are well-played.
My big issue, besides the lack of a distinct plot line, is really that it seemed, based on the trailer, to be darker, more fast-paced, more gorey than what it turned out to be.


Check it out.

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