Viewer Challenge: What YOU Want to See

I have a little problem.
I’m running out of content.
Some of my ideas will have to wait until later in August.
So here’s the deal.
If you leave me a comment, with the name of a metal album (with the band name as well), the name of a horror or thriller movie, or the name of a book of the same genres, I’ll check it out. If I like it, I might review it.
Heads up: Incidious is on the waiting list already.
The more suggestions you leave, the more likely yours will be the username I mention in the review.

Only one rule:
The release MUST BE no older than July of last year, that’s July 2010. Don’t give me a name if you know it was released in June, or May, or 2009.
New stuff!

Bring it on.

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