Review: the Song Remains not the Same

I must admit, these guys just landed on my radar,. But right away, they remind me of old Alice in Chains and Velvet Revolver. “The Song Remains Not the Same” is their latest effort, and it is definitely a crowd pleaser, if your crowd generally harkens back to the nineties era. I don’t know if my dad knew these guys but I believe he would have loved them. “The Song Remains not the Same” is an unplugged effort, re-releasing tracks from last year’s album, “The Order of the Black”.
For me, the appeal isn’t just in their resemblance to Alice in Chains. It is also in the blend of hard rock and acoustic, piano, even the occasional suggestion of electronic. Zach Wild’s vocal stylings remind me so strongly of many power metal vocalists, and alternately of those greats from the last decade.
I think what really gets me, is how I hear so many guitarists take after Wild, and its easy to see why if you take a listen to “Order of the Black” as well as the acoustic and piano work of “The Song Remains not the Same”. The BLS family is always growing, and while I haven’t heard enough to make my top eight list into a top nine list, I definitely would jump at the chance to see these guys in concert.

Check them out!

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