Review: We All Bleed

“We All Bleed” is a perfect example of how bands evolve, without losing core elements of their style. Crossfade has been around since I was in middle school, about ten years ago, and this album is so different from their self-titled album that I had a moment of wondering if I had clicked on the wrong link, was hearing a band associated to them when I went to buy this album.
Their energetic, yet well-grounded rock music has now been infused with electronic distortion, changing pauses and breakdowns into something surprising and refreshing.
There was one thing I did miss, which was that “Crossfade” was more solid, and I related to it. This, however, is a matter of personal preference. So, back to the positives. There are a lot of eerie melodies here, to send shivers down your spine.
Here is a band who hasn’t, even with success, gone completely to the mainstream. Rather, they have done the opposite, and continued to grow their own identity with “We all Bleeed”.


Check it out.

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