Review: My Soul to Take

I sit here, and I try to think of a dark movie I liked better. The Roommate was good; Jeepers Creepers 2 wal pretty fun; Case 39 was enjoyable. The Hills Have Eyes, Carrie, the Rage, Tamara, Resident Evil 1 and 2…the list could go on and on. This one, however, tops them all.
The movie has one fundamental flaw…I was vaguely confused who was the real killer in the end…Alex, Bug, or Bug’s crazy second personality. But honestly, it’s fine. Because the story line was nothing less than brilliant.
Each actor, from the abusive stepdad and tough mom, to every one of the Riverton seven (seven sixteen-year-olds with the same birthday) was well-crafted, well-played. I especially love how I saw no shallow horror-movie bimbo just screaming and running. Even the women in this movie played excellent roles. Penelope is religious, but a teenage girl with a crush nonetheless. And Leigha, or Fang, is the spooky ruler of the social hierarchy but also Bug’s adoptive sister. Bug’s mom is decisive, and Britney (the only cute girl being chased in this movie) even has a key role in moving the plot forward.
Involving Native American lore about the condor, blending it with the story of the Ripper, and weaving it in with high school politics is genius.
The best way to sum this up is, well…I need a copy, and not a rental next time, either.

Check it out.

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