Review: Methods to End it All

I was searching Amazon for the new album by Sarah Jezebel Deva, a well-known figure in the metal world because of her work with Cradle of Filth and Angtoria, and stumbled upon the track “Creation’s Tears”, by the band of the same name.
“Methods to End it All” was a real surprise. There are many bands with the word “tears” in their monacre, many with a slow, dark style. And while the flavors of Gothic metal are present here, Creation’s Tears certainly have their own identity.
The track “Creation’s Tears” is a shining highlight in a debut album that surpasses most, in song writing, musicianship, and recording, having no underplayed elements begging for more attention, or any that stand out too strongly against the rest. Sarah Jezebel Deva is featured on this track, contrasting her ethereal style perfectly with Brian Reynolds’s powerful, yet melodic style.
There are other favorites, but it is hard to single any one out, as the album is high-quality. The Gothic overtones of a thick bass line, slow but steady pacing, and minor-scale melodies are balanced and played up by more energetic tracks, acoustic guitar on some numbers, and an intensity that would appeal to any fans of Theory of a Deadman, Evanescence (everyone references them, but I’m not just saying that to say it), and even Shinedown.
I hope I see more from this band. “Methods to End it All” is a promising debut.

9.5/10 and well-earned.
And check them out on Facebook.

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