Review: Farewell to the Former

I can describe Obraskai’s style only as every well-loved American rock genre combined, and then taken a step further. The quieter passages of “Farewell to the Former” remind me of older Crossfade, while the guitar solos gracing heavier, faster stretches are a little like those of It Dies Today or perhaps even Kittie. There’s a lot of middle ground however, where Obraskai really develops their own sound.
“Farewell to the Former” is their sophomore effort, and All seven tracks are well-recorded, with no elements becoming overdone or underplayed. There is a lot of quality song-writing on this EP, both in lyrical content as well as everything else. In the popular rock scene, some of those elements get lost on listeners.
There is a lot of talent present, the ability to be creative, and I would have liked to see a little more of that show through. However all bands evolve overtime.
Something I noticed, that really impressed me, was how similar in quality the live performances to the recorded tracks are, despite poor video quality. That is an asset that should take Obraskai far, and so is “Farewell to the Former”.


Check them out.

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