Review: Blame Yourself (single)

If I spent time on singles, I’d always be in front of this laptop. This one, however, is worth it. Opening up with distorted lead guitar over a shredding rhythm, and a powerful beat, “Blame Yourself” is a peace of metal heaven. There is nothing sweet and ethereal here. For the most part, aggressive death metal vocals are arranged under the powerful, clean alto offered by Chrystal, who’s style is similar to that of…actually no one I can think of.
Rather than the ethereal, melancholy style of many bands within the female-fronted genre, this is the kind of track that builds up adrenaline in your veins, and it’s cathardic. Big, heavy, and powerful, yet loaded with energy and at times an eerie vibe to the melody. Anoxia’s “Blame Yourself” is an excelent one for blasting until your walls vibrate and your neighbors get scared.

Check them out!

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