Review: Disembrace “Scratching the Surface”

Predictable can become so boring; on the other hand, when people get creative, sometimes it is jarring. Disembrace does not fall into either of these traps.
What hits you first, is the solid, adrenaline-charged riffs, thick bass line, and rolling solos, sort of like what you can expect from Godsmack, also a little like Slipknot. That is, however, the predictable part. Though passages of each song are well-linked, there is no a-b-a-b kind of rpetition.
What is predictable, but in the best way possible, are the vocals delivered by Carmen LaFevers, which alternate between soaring and solid, eerie and angry. Her style is clear and powerful. What’s more, the lyrics are always completely understandable, and some of the tracks are downright thought-provoking, such as “Hero,” “Beautiful,” and “Disphoria,” while others such as “Play” put me in mind of stiletoes and leather lingerie. There are plenty of metaphors in tracks like these, as well as some images that are more literal, but not so much that it’s off-putting if you’re not in the right frame of mind. We’re even offered a few slower tracks concerning love lost like “the Ever After”. That one took a little getting used to, but “Scratching the Surface” is an album I can listen to all the way through.
If there were one thing that I think could have added even more, it would have been one or two acoustic tracks at the end, just to showcase the band’s talents in a different way. As it is, this is amazing. “Scratching the Surface” is a debut that is cathardic, adrenaline-charged, and fairly easy to listen to. Very few in my library leapt out and hooked me this way.

Check them out!

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