Review: Chaos in Paradise “Let the Bliss Remain”

Here is an interesting combination of genres. Listening to “Let the Bliss Remain,” it sounds like good old American metalcore in the vein of bands like It Dies Today or Ashes of Erin. But I also hear something else—an overtone of progressive metal, that adds twists and turns to every one of these tracks, kind of like By Blood Alone. It’s an odd pairing, that makes this an unpredictable listen.
“Let the Bliss Remain” opens with an atmospheric intro, before the next track turns up the heat and steps on the gas peddle. From then on it’s a roller coaster of highs and lows, startling melodies, and a few unexpected instrumental elements, like an unplugged electric, the opener that sounds a little like a spooky music box.
The labyrinth this ep follows is multi-facited. Not only are the instrumental elements and beats unpredictable, but you never know if you will get melodic vocals or razor-sharp screaming. This is a very challenging listen.
Chaos in Paradise has created music that is both intense and unpredictable, and its hard to get your barings. Once you do, it is like any other roller coaster—one crazy ride.


Check them out!

And here is the EP.

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