Review: Insidious

The Paranormal Activity movies are part of this new stream of movies about haunting, demons, the supernatural. “Insidious” is different.
Everyone seems to find this movie the most frightening thing under the sun. Honestly, it’s not. Spirits try to cross dimensions to invade the bodies of a son, and later his father, while they are astrol-projecting. It is just a spooky movie, and anyone familiar with the Discovery channel’s “A Haunting”, the similar show now broadcast on Animal Plannet, are familiar with the caliber of “Insidious”.
What is well-done is the dialog. The conversations in this movie, the fairly simple plot line, provide for an unchallenging viewing experience. There is clearly research done here as well. The woman called to explain the inherited gift for astrol-projection delivers information about how it can happen in sleep, how spirits can jump dimensional boundries when there is an opportunity. This is what saves this from being a run-of-the-mill spook movie. Honestly, this is a movie full of spooky figures, spooky rooms, and a little good paranormal discussion.
The soundtrack of this movie has its highs and lows. The sliding notes of string instruments at key moments can send a chill down your spine. Other than that, it doesn’t grab you.

Check it out.

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