About The Pantry

I am Octaine90, the creator of the Amityville Pantry.
My passion is the underground: music, art, books, movies. Anything dark.
I also am an unpublished thriller writer.

Three things readers might want to know:
What does the pantry stock?

This isn’t your typical pantry.
This one stocks plenty to do with the darker side of entertainment.

What genres are covered?
Anything featured here would probably fall under:
Metal, horror, thriller, and underground visual art.

What types of content can be found here?
album reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, concert reviews, interviews of artists,
featured classics of all genres, videos, and links to further information are provided.

Most importantly, what makes this different from every other webzine or blog?
You do! Reader participation through comments, sharing, suggestions for content, and discussion with other readers.
Also that the content is uninfluenced by the biases of popular media.
As the creator, I intentionally try and choose underground artists and media, and use popular media as a way to bring the underground into the light.

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Credit to Robin Stryker of Unleash the Furies and Sonic Cathedral, for feedback, and also for creating the Facebook page.



One Response to About The Pantry

  1. Sounds great! I will be looking forward to follow you on this blog.

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